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The Rules

  1. I’ll read every book straight through, including those (such as the dictionary or the breviary) that aren’t actually meant to be read that way.
  2. Skimming is fine. Reading without comprehension is fine. Skipping truly incidental parts of a book (such as footnotes or indices) is fine.
  3. I do not oblige myself to closely examine maps, illustrations, musical notation, or text in languages I cannot read.
  4. I’ll read the books in order by Melvil Decimal Number (which is how they are catalogued and shelved) unless I have specific reason to read a book sooner or later than its position would permit.
  5. I may read up to two books at a time. No more.
  6. I’ll write, at the very least, an intro post for each book, noting bibliographical information and my own history with the volume.
  7. I’ll try to maintain a regular posting schedule including intro posts, notes upon finishing each book, personal updates, and occasional full reviews.
  8. I will neither acquire, nor get rid of, any new books until I’ve read them all.