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The Recommendations

UPDATE (1/1/’17): Recommendations are no longer being accepted. The library is frozen; the project has begun!

I recently put out a request for recommendations as I finalize the contents of my library. This post is to collect the suggestions people have made so far. An asterisk indicates a book I now have a copy of.

What’s Missing from This Collection? You Tell Me

UPDATE (1/1/’17): Recommendations are no longer being accepted. The library is frozen; the project has begun!

So January draws nigh, and I’m finalizing the list of books I’ll read over the coming three years or so. I’ve pulled a few volumes to give to relatives or to sell. I’ve asked for some books for Christmas (The Screwtape LettersCity of God, and a couple of others that escape me at the moment). But further changes are always possible.

In fact, the main thing that strikes me about my library right now is how gappy it is. And rather than rely on my own (historically unreliable) guesses as to what I might want to read in the future, I’ve decided to throw it to you, my readers. All three to five of you.

I’d be pretty seriously obliged if you’d suggest one or two books I should read in the coming years. Feel free to leave suggestions either in the comments to this post, or on Twitter. (UPDATE: Or on Goodreads.)

My full catalog is here, if you want to see what I’ve already got. It’s heavy on Christianity and pre-20th-century British lit, and distressingly light on history, literary criticism, and film. I’m open to anything, though (for what it’s worth, I’ve not yet read a Russian novel); the only things I won’t consider are a) specialist works in the hard sciences and b) porn.

Now, I’m not made of money. (My parents are, but they’re also a little smarter than your average Giving Tree.) So depending on the number of responses and their nature, I’ll do one or more of the following:

  • Arrange a runoff poll to narrow the suggestions to a purchasable-before-the-end-of-the-year number
  • Pick a few titles at random
  • Just print off all the responses and see if Half Price Books has any of them the next time I go

Whichever books I do end up with, I promise I’ll read them. That’s part of the plan.